Valiant in a sentence

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They made a valiant attempt to rescue the dog before it was swept away!

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Q: Valiant in a sentence
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Can you use valiant in a sentence?

The valiant knight was brave and fearless as he battled the dragon.

Is valiant an adjective?

Yes, valiant is an adjective as adjectives describe something about somebody or something. As in this sentence, " The valiant knight has slain the dragon."

What is a good sentence for valiant?

The military advance was courageous, all the infantry made a valiant effort

Write a sentence with the word valiant?

she is a valiant person because she fought against one of the greatest fighters.

Can you give me a sentence for the word valiant?

The valiant knight jumped on his horse and charged towards the fire-breathing dragon.

How do you use valiant in a sentence?

(valiant is an adjective and means brave or noble)The woman admired the man because he was so very valiant.The knight was both valiant and charismatic.The valiant efforts of the pilots resulted in the rescue of the ship's crew.

Can you give a sentence with the word concur?

You make a valiant point, and because of that, I concur.

What is a good sentence that has the word valiant in it? made a valiant effort to find a proper answer to the question; "what is the spark plug gap for a Plymouth Valiant?" an early economy car built in America; but named after a heroic comic character from England of King Arthur fame; named Prince Valiant.

A compound sentence for knell?

The presidents veto meant the knell of all the valiant efforts to tighten gun controls.

What is a Sentence with unnoticed?

Your valiant efforts will not remain unnoticed for long. That undercover detective wants to move unnoticed through the crowded street.

When was Conan the Valiant created?

Conan the Valiant was created in 1988.

When was Plymouth Valiant created?

Plymouth Valiant was created in 1960.