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Although it was not an official firing, Spiro T. Agnew had to resign in 1973. He had plead no contest to charges of federal income tax evasion.

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Q: Vice president who has been fired by a president?
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How can the President get fired?

The President can be impeached. After Abraham Lincoln was assassinated his vice President (Andrew Johnson) was impeached. Also Nixon was impeached

Can the vice president be fired?

Yes, he can be impeached by the House , tried and removed from office by the Senate.

How does the vice president become president?

a vice president becomes president when the president passes away Example: Vice President President President passes away Vice President becomes President (and it has been done before)

What is the gender is the vice president?

male, there has never yet been a female president or vice president

Who was the last president to have been vice president?

The most recent U. S. President who had also been Vice President was George H. W. Bush (Vice President 1981-1989, President 1989-1993).

Which us President had the first gay vice President?

There has never been an openly gay vice president.

Can a president be a vice president if he has already been president?


How is the vice president is removed?

He can be fired by tampering with the instruction given to him to tell others or by harming the president in any form.

How many women have been elected president or vice president?

At this writing, 5/3/2010, no woman has ever been elected President or Vice President of the US.

Have you ever had a African American vice president?

No, there has never been an African American vice president.

Were there any vice presidents fired for any reason?

No US vice-president was ever removed from office via the impeachment process. Spiro Agnew resigned the vice-presidency as part of a plea-bargain deal from criminal charges placed against him for actions committed while he was governor of Maryland.

Was there ever been a president who later became vice president?

John Adams was the second president of the United States, having earlier served as the first vice president under George Washington.