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Unlike Davey Crockett who served for a time in Congress, Daniel Boone was not involved in politics.

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Q: Was Daniel Boone involved in politics?
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What is Daniel Boone's full name?

Daniel Boone's Full Name Is Daniel James Boone

Who played a significant role in the construction of the Wilderness Road?

By Daniel Boone

Was Daniel Boone real?

Daniel Boone was real.

What was Daniel Boone's religion?

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What did Daniell Boone do?

Daniel Boone discovered a settlement in Kentucky

Did Daniel Boone smoke?

From what I can find, Daniel Boone did not smoke.

Who was Daniel Boone's wife?

Daniel Boone's wife was Rebecca.

What year did Daniel Boone explore Kentucky?

Daniel Boone explored Kentucky in 1778.

What was Daniel Boone country of origin?

Daniel Boone was of English and Welsh descent. Daniel Boone was born in what is now the state of Pennsylvania.

How did Daniel Boone store food?

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Who played Daniel Boone's wife on 'Daniel Boone'?

Patricia Blair.

What was Daniel Boones goal?

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