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yes; true

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Q: Was General George Washington the American commander at the Battle of Yorktown?
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General George Washington was the American commander at the Battle of Yorktown?


Who was the American general at Yorktown?


Who was the commander of the British Army who had to surrender to Washington at Yorktown?

General cornwallis

American General at the Battle of Yorktown?

George Washington

Who was the capton of the British in the American Revolution?

General Cornwallis was the British commander that surrendered at Yorktown.

Who won the battle of the Yorktown?

General george washington To be more specific: The AMERICANS won the battle of Yorktown which was fought over with the British. The American's LEADER was general George Washington.

Where did general Cornwallis surrender to general washington at?

Yorktown Corwallis surrendered to gerneral Washington in Yorktown.

Who was the American commander at the battle of Yorktown?

General Lafayette pinned down the British Army at Yorktown, Virginia. George Washington arrived with a larger army. He led all the armies and accepted the Surrender of the British forces. (Lafayette could have attacked at any time and won a victory. He had a far more powerful army plus he had battleships ready to destroy the British Army from the rear. He knew it would be better for the future of the United States if General Washington handled the surrender so he waited for Washington to arrive with his army.)

Who was the British commander at Yorktown?

General Lord Cornwallis was the commander of the British Army at the Battle of Yorktown.

What is the American revolution ended when George Washington forced the surrender of the British at?

British General Lord Cornwallis surrendered his forces to George Washington in Yorktown in 1781. Yorktown is located in Virginia.

Who controlled the roads leading from Yorktown to the south?

French General Rochambeau's army and Washington's army joined forces to cut off Yorktown from the west.

Who was the commander of American forces during the American Revolution?

General George Washington.