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No. Right off there is no such thing as a demigod, but there are people who are treated like one or historically are looked at like one. Washington falls into that category. In the 1790's his picture was on everything from plates to household items and since that time he has been painted and posed in togas and with laurel leaf crowns. Congress, at one time, read his farewell letter every year on his birthday and his picture is on the national currency. His name is everywhere in the US. There are 32 counties, 121 towns, 257 townships, 10 lakes, and 7 mountains all named Washington. Books have been written about him and he has been studied endlessly. Today, many people look at Washington and the founding fathers through time that doesn't give the true sense of who the man was or what he thought. History has softened the years that Washington spent as the first president and legend has been allowed to grow around him. Most Americans have the idea that he spent those years as a great and beloved leader, adored by the people. This is not true. A leading newspaper of the time called him an embezzler, a tyrant, and accused him of murder. He was accused of being power mad and others didn't like the parties he gave.. Some said he was trying to make a fast buck out of being president. President Ford once stated that the only difference between the politics of his time and that of Washington was "that one was lit by electric lights and other by candles." To some extent we have changed and in other ways we haven't, but to understand our history we need to take the men like Washington out of the toga and really look at who they were and what they stood for in their time. No one is a demigod.

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Q: Was George Washington a demigod
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