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yes George Washington was a veteran. he was the commander in chief of the continental army

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he was the general of the soilders and helped lead them through the revolutionary war

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Q: Was George Washington a veteran
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Which president was a Revolutionary War veteran?

George Washington.

Was George Washington a colonial leader from Virginia and veteran of the french and Indian war?

Yes, he was all of that.

Why was George Washington chosen to as presidng officer of the constitutional convention in 1787?

Because He was a famous War Veteran and the public respected him as a good figure

Commanded the Continental Army?

George Washington

Who was the first U.S President who was not a military veteran?

The first President of the u.s. was a black man name Hanson. George Washington was the first President under our current constitution.

Who is the father of our country''?

George Washington

Who was the secretary of the department of veteran affairs for George W. Bush?

george bush

What did the George Washington Carver do for George Washington?

Nothing. George Washington Carver was born after George Washington had died.

Who delivered the messages from Governor Dinwiddie to the French?

George Washington George Washington GEORGE WASHINGTON

Who was the fisrt US president?

All US Presidents are Americans. George Washington was the first.

Who was the Washington monument named after?

It was named after George Washington. It was named after George Washington.

Who is the first president of US?

George Washington. I hope this is not a trick question.