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Pleased with Washington's performance as General of the colonial troops, a Colonel Lewis Nicola wrote to General Washington expressing his belief that a Republic would be the worst kind of government for the new country, based on its lack of stability. He therefore suggested George Washington become king instead. Washington was not happy about this suggestion at all.

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He was never offered the crown. The myth goes as far back as 1828. Therefore, it is only obvious it never happened.

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Q: Was George Washington given the opportunity to become king?
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Was Washington given the opportunity to become king?

Colonel Nicola, spokesperson for his fellow officers, handed Washington the opportunity to become King! Yet, without hesitation it was turned down in no uncertain terms. A truly lasting tribute to his patriotic character.

As people are given the opportunity to govern themselves they become more?

I need the answer to this

Who made George Washington the leader of the Continental amry?

George Washington was given command of the Continental Army by the Second Continental Congress.

What was the patriarchal nickname given to George Washington?

A patriarchal nickname given to Washington is "Father of our country."

Position given to George Washington when the Revolution started in 1775?

On July 3, 1775 George Washington was assigned the role of commander in chief of the Continental Army. He was assigned this role by the second Continental Congress of which he was a delegate representing Virginia.

What were some benefits George Washington had as president?

he given us freedoom

Where was George Washington's Farewell Address given?

George Wahington Gave his Farewell Address in 1796 at Mount Vernon

Who is given credit for firing the first shot of the civil war for the union?

george washington

Did George Bush have a middle name?

George Washington's nickname is "Father of His Country", because of his instrumental roles as a colonial delegate, soldier, and statesman during the formative years of the United States of America. He was the also the first President of the US, in 1789.Yes, " Father of our Country "

Why was George Washington compared to the roman ruler cincinnattus?

Cincinnattus was noted for refusing to extend his term as dictator even though he was given the opportunity to do so. Washington was in a similar position. He was popular enough that he could probably have remained president indefinitely, if he had refused to step down and relinquish his office when his second term expired.

George Washington was given what title in recognition of his leadership in the cause of American independence?

"The Father of His Country"

What leader called an African Americans to accept a lower political social status as long as they were given an opportunity to participate in industrial growth?

Booker T. Washington