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No. Washington was in the field with the Continental Army fighting the Britus.

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no he did not sign it.

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no he just wrote it

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Q: Was George Washington in attendance when the Declaration of Independence was signed?
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Who wrote the Declaration of Independence in us?

george washington wrote the declaration of independence in us

Was George Washington there when the declaration of independence was signed?


Who is the first sign the declaration of independence?

George Washington

Does George Washington's name appear on the Declaration of Independence?

No it does not

Was George Washington on the declaration of independence or the constitution?


Was George Washington at the signing of the Declaration of Independence?


Did George Washington ask Jefferson to write the declaration of independence?


What was George Washington's job in declaration if independence?

General orders

Did George Washington sign the Declaration of Independence?

No, he signed the Constitution.

How many years before George Washington was president was the Declaration of Independence written?

20 yeas before the declaration of independence.

Did George Washington preside at the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

yes it is i don't knowGeorge Washington

Where was George Washington when the Declaration of Independence was signed?

Prior to its work on the Declaration of Independence, the Second Continental Congress included Washington as a congressman from Virginia. But he resigned his position as a delegate when Congress formed the Continental Army and appointed him commanding general on June 14, 1775. So he was unavailable to participate, or to sign the Declaration.