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Before he married his wife Martha he was poor because his wife was so rich and he could afford anything he wanted so he loved that but he really loves his wife so much more than money
yes he was

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Q: Was George Washington poor when he was a kid?
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What did George Washington play as a kid?

george washington carver

Was George Crum poor as a kid?


What war was going on when George Washington was a kid?

The war that George Washington Carver was in is the Civil War

Did George Washington Carver get any diseases when he was a kid?


Where did George Washington live as a kid?

In diamond grove,Missouri

Who was Matt rescued by in George Washington's socks?

poor man

Was George Washington rich or poor?

George Washington was quite wealthy. Most of his net worth was in land, real property and slaves.

Where did George Washington Carver live as a kid?

In diamond grove,missouri

Who discovered that peanuts grow better in poor soil?

george washington

What was the name of the school George Washington went to when he was a kid?

George Washington's education is something of a mystery. He was taught at home by someone- there were no schools nearby that he could have gone to.

How many sisters did George Washington have as a kid?

He had 10 sisters and only one brother.

Was George Washington a slave as a kid?

well he was a slave owner for the early years of his life