Was James Otis a patriot

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Yes............. He was

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Q: Was James Otis a patriot
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Was mercy Otis warren a patriot?

yes she was a patriot

What phrase did James Otis coin?

James Otis, Jr. is famous for having said, 'taxation without representation is tyranny.' Otis was a political activist, and his profession was that of a lawyer.

Who James Otis?

== == James Otis Was A Lawyer == ==

What did James Otis do involving the revolution?

what did James Otis do.

What is bad about Mercy Otis Warren the patriot?

she was so cool.

What is the importance of mercy otis warren what did she do to help the patriot cause?

Mercy Otis Warren was of great importance to the Patriot cause. She was an adviser to John Adams and many of the other founding fathers.

Is James Otis king jr related to James Otis?


Who is a female patriot that wrote newspapers?

Mercy Otis Warren was the female patriot who wrote newspaper articles. She wrote under the name A Columbian Patriot.

When was James Otis born?

James Otis was born on February 5, 1725.

What is James Otis's birthday?

James Otis was born on February 5, 1725.

What is the plural possessive for James Otis?

It depends. If you are a traditional grammarian, James Otis's. If you have evolved and prefer berevity and shun redundancy, James Otis'.True. How to pronounce. Otis's should be prononouced as Otisiz. (with an extra syllable)

Who said no taxation without representation''?

James Otis