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Mercedes Simon was inspired by Gail Halvorsen to become a pilot. Gail was nicknamed the chocolate pilot who touched the lives of many children.

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Q: Was Mercedes Simon inspired by Gail Halvorsen to become a pilot?
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How did Mercedes Simon locate gail halvorsen after the Berlin airlift?

Mercedes Simon was a young German girl who lived in outskirts of Berlin during the days of Berlin Blockade and the monumental Berlin Airlift in its wake. Gail Halverson was a USAF pilot who flew during Berlin airlift and became famous for dropping candies for German children with parachutes. Mercedes wrote him a letter and explained him her address and requested for candy to be dropped in her backyard. He however, sent her candy through mail. 22 years later when Gail was stationed in Germany on an official assignment, Is invited by a young couple for dinner. It turned out that Mercedes was the his host and disclosed her identity and thanked him. Their story is described in famous book Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot by Theis Raven.

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