Was Nathaniel Greene Irish

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There were several Nathaniel Greenes, none of which were Irish:

Nathanael Greene (1742-1786) was an American Revolutionary War general.

Nathaniel Greene (1797-1877), was an American journalist.

Nathaniel Greene Foster (1809-1869) was an American politician, lawyer, and military officer.

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Q: Was Nathaniel Greene Irish
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When was Greene County named after Nathaniel Greene in Alabama?

As a direct desensant of Nathaniel Greene, I know that he was not from there. Nathaniel Greene He lived in Kentucky before the war, and lives in Georgia after the war.

Where was Nathaniel Greene born?

Nathaniel Greene was born in Warwick, Rhode Island

What has the author Nathaniel Greene written?

Nathaniel Greene has written: 'Improvisations and translations'

When did Nathaniel Greene Foster die?

Nathaniel Greene Foster died in 1869.

When was Nathaniel Greene - journalist - born?

Nathaniel Greene - journalist - was born in 1797.

When did Nathaniel Greene - journalist - die?

Nathaniel Greene - journalist - died in 1877.

When was Nathaniel Greene Foster born?

Nathaniel Greene Foster was born in 1809.

Whats Nathaniel Greene's wifes name?

The name of Nathaniel Greene's wife was Catherine Littlefield Greene. He was a well respected Major General during the American Revolution.

What was the sexual orientation of Nathaniel Greene?

There is no information at all about the sexual orientation of Nathaniel Greene, other than that fact that he was married to a woman.

Was Nathaniel greene a spy?

Yes, But this is much bigger than the whole conflict! Nathaniel greene was a spy for the British! He spied on the British. He was on the english side (Our side!)

When was Nathaniel Greene born?

Nathanael Greene was born on August 7, 1742. He died on June 19, 1786 at the age of 43 on his Georgia estate from sunstroke.

Which side did Nathaniel Greene support?

He was on the American side.