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She was not on the British side because her husband ,Paul Revere was a Patriot.

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Q: Was Rachel Revere on the British or American side of the American Revolutionary War?
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Was Rachel Revere a spy in the Revolutionary War?

no she was not a spy in the revolutionary war!

What are some Revolutionary War words?

Rachel Revere, Battle of Bunker Hill, and Zealous

Was Paul Revere deaf?

No, Paul Revere was not deaf. He was a silversmith and a patriot in the American Revolutionary War. He is famous for his "midnight ride" to alert the colonial militias that the British were approaching.

What did Rachel revere do in the Revolutionary War?

Rachel Revere was probably ordering her slaves to sweep The dirt floors an do the dishes. even though slaves were popular in 1800s people still had slaves in1776

What American revolutionary is famous for his midnight ride?

Paul Revere

Why did paul revoire cange his name to revere?

Paul Revere, is famous for warning the militia in Boston that the British troops were approaching at the start of the American Revolutionary War. He changed his last name to Revere because he preferred the English spelling of the name.

How does Paul die in the poem?

In the poem "Paul Revere's Ride" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Paul Revere does not die. The poem recounts his historic ride to warn American colonists of the approaching British troops during the American Revolutionary War.

In Paul Revere's ride who traveled the farest?

Paul Revere traveled the farthest during his famous ride, warning the American colonists that the British troops were advancing towards Lexington and Concord during the American Revolutionary War.

Which war started with Paul Revere Shouting The British Are coming?

The Revolutionary War

Who took the midnight ride during American revolutionary war?

Paul Revere, Richard Dawes, and later Samuel Prescott. The call was not "the British are coming", but " the regulars are coming out.

What famous American revolutionary war figure worked as a dentist?

Paul Revere

What was the purpose of Paul Revere's midnight ride?

Paul Revere's midnight ride on April 18, 1775, was to alert American patriots in Massachusetts of British army movements towards Lexington and Concord. This warning kickstarted the American Revolutionary War.