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Paul Revere. He said two arms, two arms, The British are coming

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Q: Who said The English are coming in the Revolutionary War?
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In what occasion were the famous words said the British are comomg the British are commong?

The Revolutionary War. The British are coming were said when it was noted that the British were close to docking in the harbors during the Revolutionary War in the United States.

During the revolutionary war what happened to the declaration of independence?

They sent the paper to all of the world except for the English and it said all in all that they are (in that time)now no part of the english.

The overthrow of the English government in the colonies?

revolutionary war (American Revolution).

Who did the US fight in the war to win freedom?

Revolutionary If you are talking about the Revolutionary War, then the answer would be the British. (Redcoats, Brits, English, United Kingdomites)

Give you a sentence with revolutionary in it?

the British surrendered, then the English won the revolutionary war.

How did America get involved in the Revolutionary War?

Given that the revolutionary war is the war that created the USA, it could be said that the USA was involved from the start.

Which war started with Paul Revere Shouting The British Are coming?

The Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War strategies?

how were taics different between the English and the coloniest during the revolutionary war that's a question retard!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

What was the first skirmish of the Revolutionary War?

The first skirmishes of the Revolutionary War were at Lexington and Concord. The first shots were fired as the sun was coming up in Lexington.

Which of these statements is falseThe colonists still considered themselves to be English citizens at the beginning of the Revolutionary War?

The original reason the colonists fought in the Revolutionary War was to gain their independence from England.

What war made the US a free country?

civil war i think. nope it was the Revolutionary War " the british are coming"

What made France a supporter of the Revolutionary War?

They hated the English.