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Samuel Adams was a patriot.

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Q: Was Samuel Adams was a patriot or loyalist?
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Is jonh adams a patriot or loyalist?


Was Samuel Adams a traitor?

Depends with Samuel Adams you are referring to. There was a Loyalist named Dr Samuel Adams who was a Physician, Surgeon, Farmer and later a loyalist Soldier. In 1776 he was captured by the Whigs and imprisoned but escaped and fled north to Ontario where he died in 1810.The more famous Samuel Adams was a founding father who opposed British taxes and did not like having British soldiers in Boston.He was cousin of John Adams. he was a loyalist too

Was Paul Revere a loyalist or a patriot?


Was mr seabury a loyalist or patriot?

Mr. Reverend Samuel Seabury was a loyalist.

Was John Adams a loyalest?

John Adams was a Patriot. Loyalist remained loyal to Britain.

Was Samuel Adams a patriot?


Who was Samuel Adams in the Revolutionary War?

Samuel Adams was a radical patriot in the revolutionary war.

Was Thomas Jefferson a loyalist or patriot?

a patriot not a loyalist he was a patriot

Was Abigail Adams a loyalist or patriot on neutral?

John Adams was a patriot, one of the founding fathers who declared independence. (A loyalist was someone who remained loyal to the king after independence was declared.)

Was Alexander Hamilton a Patriot or Loyalist?

he was an absolute patriot my children

Is Abigail Adams a patriot or a loyalist?

Patriot. She was ahead of her time by reminding her husband to remember the women when making suggestions for the government of the New World as well.

Was James forten a patriot or a loyalist?

He was a Loyalist