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No, he was born in England, but spent most of his life in Pennsylvania. He moved to the colonies because Benjamin Franklin had faith in him since he was such a good writer. He Wrote the "Common Sense" pamphlet and "The Crisis" pamphlet.

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Q: Was Thomas Paine born in America?
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Who were the leaders of The Enlightenment of America?

Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine A+

When was Thomas O. Paine born?

Thomas O. Paine was born in 1921.

Who were the of the enlightenment in America?

Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine A+

What was thomas Paine born in?

Thomas Paine was born in England, but ended up living in Pennsylvania.

When is thomas Paine's birthday?

thomas Paine was born on February 9, 1737

Who were the leaders the enlightenment in America?

Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine A+

Why did Thomas Jefferson invite Thomas Paine to America?

because he liked thomas paines motivationial speech which he heard Paine give in England

What did thomas Paine mean shen he said the cause of America is the cause of all mankind?

Thomas Paine meant that the goal of America and mankind is freedom and equality.

Who said in America law is king?

Thomas Paine. :)

Was Thomas Paine a student of Aristotle's?

No. Thomas Paine did read Aristotle but Aristotle lived in ancient Greece and Thomas Paine lived in revolutionary America. They can't have met without a time machine.

What colony does Thomas Paine belong to?

he was mostly into the government of America.

What does Thomas Paine say would guarantee America success?