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Not really. He ran unopposed in 1789 and 1792 and chose not to run in 1796, so he never lost an election as an incumbent.

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Q: Was Washington the first incumbent to lose presidency?
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Who was the first incumbent to lose presidency?

John Quincy Adams was the first president to be denied reelection. He lost the election to Andrew Jackson. He then was elected to the House of Representatives.

Has there ever been a president to lose his first try at the presidency and then win his second try?

Richard Nixon

When did John Adams lose the presidency?


Who is the president of America when England lose revolutionary war?

George Washington became the first president

Which incumbent us president won the 1948 election after being predicted to lose in a landslide?

Harry Truman was the man.

Who was the last man to lose presidency with the highest votes?

Al Gore

Who ousted an incumbent president from office but lost to the same man in the next election?

Benjamin Harrison defeated an incumbent president, Grover Cleveland, only to lose to Cleveland in the next election. Harrison was America's 23rd President.

When did Richard Nixon lose his race for the presidency?

Nixon lost to John Kennedy in 1960.

What is the maximum possible number of electoral votes accumulated to win the presidency and still lose.?

The United States requires 270 electoral votes for a candidate to win the presidency. Since there are a total of 538 votes available, a candidate can lose with 268 votes.

Who did Obama lose to in 2000 state senate race?

It was actually a race for the U.S. House of Representatives, and Mr. Obama lost to incumbent Rep. Bobby Rush.

Did George Washington lose any wars?

yes he did

Where did George Washington lose 4000 troops?