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The United States requires 270 electoral votes for a candidate to win the presidency. Since there are a total of 538 votes available, a candidate can lose with 268 votes.

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Q: What is the maximum possible number of electoral votes accumulated to win the presidency and still lose.?
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What is the maximum number of terms for a president?

There is no overall maximum number of terms that someone can be President of the USA, but there is a limit of two consecutive terms. It is possible that someone could serve two terms, sit out a term, then serve two more terms.

How many voting members are in house of representives?

Representaives in the United States do not have electoral votes. Members of the electoral college have electoral votes. There happens to be the same number of electoral college members as there are congressmen (senate and house of rep.) Each state has the same number of electoral college members as they have members in congress. 2 Senators per state and the House members are dependent on their state population as conducted by the senate. Each member of the electoral college has one vote for president. All votes from every member of the electoral college for a state go to the candidate which has the popular vote in that state. This is true for 48 states. The other 2 are able to split their votes to go to multiple candidates dependent on how the people vote. Currently their are 435 members of the house and 100 senators. Therefore there are 535 electoral college members, plus 3 for the district of colombia, in the united states making 538 total votes and 535 members of congress.

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What is the maximum number of terms an individual can serve in the executive branch?

There is no theoretical maximum, but the practical maximum is a day less than ten years: a vice president could serve just under two years of his predecessor's term, and then two full terms of his own.

How old must you be to be the president?

There is no maximum age for a person running for president. There is however a minimum age which 35 years old.

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The candidate must get at least 270 electoral votes in order to win the presidency. In 2012, Barack Obama received 332 electoral votes.

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