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The torrid zone receive maximum amount of heat because the sun rays comes straight to the earth.

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Q: What does the torrid zone receive maximum amount if heat?
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Why does the torrid zone recevice maximum amount of heat?

tilt of earth's axis

What is the definition of torrid?

Parched; dried with heat; as, a torrid plain or desert., Violenty hot; drying or scorching with heat; burning; parching.

Which heat zone does Malaysia lies in?

torrid zone

What are the heat zone?

three heat zones are-torrid zonetemperature zonefrigid zone

What are heat zones?

Heat zones refer to different areas within a space or a heating system that have varying levels of temperature control. They allow for more efficient heating by directing warmth only to specific areas where it is needed, rather than heating the entire space uniformly. Heat zones are often controlled by thermostats or dampers to adjust the temperature in different areas according to preferences and requirements.

Does all parts of the earth receive equal amount of heat?


Do all parts of the earth receive equal amount of the heat?


What is the maximum amount of mechanical energy that can be converted to heat?

The maximum amount of mechanical energy that can be converted to heat is equal to the total mechanical energy input. In any conversion process, there will always be losses due to inefficiencies, so the actual amount of mechanical energy that is converted to useful heat will be less than the input mechanical energy.

Heat zones of the Earth?

The Earth's heat zones are primarily categorized into three main zones: tropical, temperate, and polar. The tropical zone lies near the equator and receives the most direct sunlight, leading to warm temperatures year-round. The temperate zone is located between the tropical and polar zones, experiencing more seasonal variations in temperature. The polar zones are located near the North and South poles and are characterized by cold temperatures due to minimal sunlight reaching these regions.

What are the heat zone of earth?

name one place which comes under torrid zone

Why is it warm in ttropical countries?

They receive the most amount of heat from the overhead sun throughout the year.

What part of Earth receives most heat from the sun?

year-round is the EquatorDeath Valley, is mostly the tropics they receive the most heat from the sunCentral America receives most heat from the sun.The middle of the earth near the equator gets the most heat from the sun.the central regionequatordepending on the time of year in summer in the northern hemisphere it falls on a line parallel to the equator that falls on the middle of Florida during spring and fall the equator receive the most direct sunlight during northern hmispheres winter the most direct sunlight falls around the southern most point of Brazil in a line parallel to the equator that totally surrounds the earth it is better than Pizza with peporoni 2along the equator because it's closer to the sun.your motheerThe tropical ZoneAll the areas which lie at EQUATOR receive the most direct sunlight.the side were the sun is pointed to on earththe torrid zone of the earth which lies between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn receives the more amount of heat than other climatic zones of the world. Places that fall on the equator ,receive the most amount of heat.The equator falls in the torrid zone and runs exactly half way from the north pole and the south poleThe equator.Near the equator.