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water bill heat bill and light bill

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Q: What are the three usual sources of bills?
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What are the sources of the bills introduced into the congress?


What is the correct spanish word for bills?

'las cuentas' is the (usual) word for bills that you pay; but there are many meanings of 'bills' - the beaks of birds; he/she bills (i.e. charges); handbills.... You need to be more specific.

Which of your usual bills increase over the holidays?

Credit cardElectric/LightsFoodPhoneTransportation/GasHeat

What are the sources of the bills introduced into congress?

Senators only

Money collected by the government from various sources is known as what?

dolla bills

Do three dollar bills exist?

Three dollar bills exist but they were never issued by the US government, although the US issued a three dollar coin from 1854 to 1889. Earlier, some colonies printed three dollar bills. When banks were allowed to print money in the early days of the US, some printed legitimate, legal three dollar bills. The Confederacy also produced three dollar bills.

What are three good sources of magnesium?

what are three good sources of magnesium

Where did the US get their information during the Korean War?

The usual sources: Military Intelligence.

Name three sources of chemical energy?

what are the three sources of chemical energy

Do bills have to cover three subjects?

no because most bills are confined to one subject

What were the Enforcement KKK Acts?

There was three bills that were passed against the KKK. The three bills were fight against the KKK, help blacks and kill them.

What are the three sources of liability?

There are three sources (or duties) of liability insurance. The three sources include the duty to defend, the duty to indemnify, and the duty to settle a reasonably clear claim.