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yes, there was a professor at atlanta university, specify ur question right now it is a fragment

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Q: Was a professor at Atlanta university?
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When was University of Atlanta created?

University of Atlanta was created in 1991.

Luther was the professor at the university of?

Martin Luther was a professor at Wittenberg University.

Is truth university in Atlanta?

No their is not there is one but its not in atlanta.

What is University of Atlanta's motto?

The motto of University of Atlanta is 'Where New Intellectual Journeys Begin'.

What is Clark Atlanta University's motto?

Clark Atlanta University's motto is 'I'll Find a Way or Make One'.

When was Professor of Botany - Cambridge University - created?

Professor of Botany - Cambridge University - was created in 1724.

One word for' university teacher'?


What is the closest seminary school to Atlanta Georgia?

Emory University which is a Methodist university in Atlanta, Georgia.

When was Atlanta University Center created?

Atlanta University Center was created on 1929-04-01.

When was Clark Atlanta University created?

Clark Atlanta University was created on 1988-07-01.

What college is CAU?

Clark Atlanta University

When was Professor Backwards born?

Professor Backwards was born on June 10, 1910, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.