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Sherman takes Atlanta on September 2nd, 1864. He then started his march to the sea, which took him until December of that same year.

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Q: When did sherman take Atlanta?
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The city in the middle of Georgia was burned by general Sherman?

The main city captured by Sherman was Atlanta.

Where in Atlanta did Sherman watch the burning of Atlanta?

I think Sherman burned most of the buildings in the city.So i don't think there is only such a specific area in Atlanta.

Union general at Atlanta?

Sherman was the union general in Atlanta.

What was General Sherman's march to Atlanta called?

It was simply the Battle of Atlanta. Afterwards, Sherman started planning his March to the Sea, ending at Savannah.

What is the begiinning of sherman's march to the sea?

Sherman's march started in Atlanta in November of 1864

What year was Atlanta captured by Sherman?


Who burn Atlanta?

William T. Sherman

Which city in Georgia did Sherman want?


Union leader at atlanta?

William T. Sherman.

Where was the beginning of Sherman's march to the sea?

At Atlanta, GA.

Sherman's March to the sea location?

Atlanta to Savannah.

What year did Sherman begin attack on Atlanta?