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Union General made Atlanta his southern headquarters for a month after he took control of the city. Upon his orders to advance well into Georgia, he burned down much of Atlanta. Catholic priests begged Sherman not to burn down orphan homes and hospitals and Sherman agreed to that.

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Atlanta and Columbia N.C.

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Atlanta, among others.

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Q: What ciy was burned during general sherman's march to sea?
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What symbol represents Atlanta the greek god?

the Phoenix. atlanta was burned to the ground during shermans march to the sea. Atlanta has emerged as the new capital of the south.

What city did shermans march to sea head towards?

Atlanta Georgia. He burned the city to the ground.

What season was it during the shermans march to the sea?

November and December (1864)

How did shermans march end?

General Sherman's "March To The Sea" concluded in Savannah, Georgia on December 21st, 1864 when the Mayor of Savannah, Dr Richard Arnold, surrendered to General John Geary in return for a promise of safety from the same fate as that which occurred during Sherman's infamous march through Atlanta.

What effect did Shermans march to the sea have on us?

My mom said they burned houses and people in them killing as much as every Pearson in rackdale and that was the end of the civil war

What did general Sherman do to the south that helped win the war?

sherman went throught the south on a raid that was known as "shermans" march

What was the name of shermans trip through the cofederate territory known as shermans?

March to Sea

Shermans march to Savannah was called?

Sherman's March to the Sea

Did slaves try to join General sherman's army during his march to the sea?

Yes,slaves did join his army.They joined his army because when they got freed they didnt no where to go so they joined Shermans army.

What was the end of shermans march to the sea?


What year was shermans march to the sea?


Who burned atlanta on his march to sea?

General William T. Sherman