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golda meir was the prime minister of Israel

(Kevin Rivera, 6th, OLG)

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Q: Was golda meir president or minister?
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What country was golda meir prime minister - israel Lebanon or morocco?

Golda Meir was prime minister of Israel.

Is golda meir a carpenter?

No, Golda Meir is an ex-President of Israel

When did golda meir become famous?

Golda Meir was Israel's first woman prime minister.

Which year Golda Meir was Prime Minister of Israel?

Golda Meir was the 4th Prime Minister of Israel from the 17th March 1969 to the 3rd June 1974.

Who was the fourth prime minister of Israel?

Golda Meir

Who was prime minister after Levi Eshkol?

Golda Meir.

An influential former israeli prime minister was?

golda meir

Who served as Israel's prime minister from 1969 to 1974?

Golda Meir

Is Golda Meir single?

No, Golda Meir is not single.

Who was the Prime Minister of Israel in the Yom Kippur war?

Golda Meir.Golda Meir.

Which woman became prime minister of Israel at age seventy?

She was Golda Meir.

Why was Golda Meir important?

She was the fourth Prime Minister of Israel, and the third female Prime Minister in the world.