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Depends which country you are referring to.

The first ever female president in the world was Isabel Peron, President of Argentina.

  • USA - None
  • UK - Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister)
  • Sri Lanka - Sirimavo Bandaranaike (Prime Minister)
  • Argentina - Isabel Peron (President)
  • Dominica - Dame Eugenia Charles (Prime Minister)
  • Phillipines - Corazon Aquino (President)
  • Pakistan - Benazir Bhutto (Prime Minister)
  • Republic Of Ireland - Mary Robinson (President)
  • New Zealand - Jenny Shipley (Prime Minister)

These are only a handful of dozens of first female leaders.

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No woman has ever been elected to the office of President.

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The US has never had a woman president. In fact, no major party has nominated a woman for president. However, Hillary Clinton made a serious run for the Democratic nomination in 2008.

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Q: Who is the first girl president?
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