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Probably better defined as a civil war or internal revolution where justification isn't relevant, it may have been avoidable, reconciliation may have been possible, but it worked out.

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No. No conflict is only a war; there are societal and governmental changes that occur in addition to the fighting itself.

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Q: Was the American Revolution considered to be a just war?
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Which war was first Civil War American Revolution Mexican American War or War of 1812?

American Revolution

What was the name of the war between America and England in 1812?

American revolutionary war and or it can just be called the American revolution

How many wars has America started?

Indian Wars (against the natives) American Revolution (We just helped out) French Revolution (We just helped out) U.S. Civil War (against ourselves) Mexican-American War Spanish-American War World War I (again, we just helped out) World War II (We just helped out) Korean War (draw) Gulf Wars

What was the American Revolution also called?

The American War of IndependenceThe American RebellionThe War of American IndependenceSorry, but, in fact, we tend to call it "The American Revolution"!

Is the American revolution the same as the revolutionary war?

no it is notyes it is but just a shorter way

Who considered a traitor during the revolutionary war?

Benedict Arnold is the most infamous traitor in the American Revolution.

How was the revolutionary war a civil war?

It was a Civil War only because the Americans were divided between Loyalist and Patriot. The American Revolution is not considered a civil war.

Why is the American Revolution sometimes considered a Civil War?

The American Revolution is sometimes considered a civil war because it involved colonists who were divided in their loyalties between remaining under British rule and seeking independence. Families and communities were split in their support for either side, leading to internal conflict within the colonies. This aspect of internal division and conflict is why the American Revolution can be seen as a civil war in addition to a war for independence.

Why is the battle of saratoga considered to be a turning point in the American revolution?

comprising two significant battles during September and October of 1777, was a crucial victory for the Patriots during the American Revolution and is considered the turning point of the Revolutionary War.

Was the American Revolution a peoples war?

Yes because if the American revolution war wasn't a people war then who would fight animals

Who is the treaty of the American revolution war?

The Treaty of Paris ended the American Revolution.

What war was after the American Revolution?

The war of 1812.