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France has several political parties, but tends to be dominated by the Socialist Party (left-wing) and the Union pour un Movement Populaire (right-wing). All parties put forward a candidate in the first round of voting. The two most popular candidates from this round then face off each other in the second round, and the candidate with the majority wins.

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The French president is elected in a two-turn election, with direct and universal vote. Voters are the French nationals aged 18 and more.

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yes he was elected in office

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Q: Was the leader of France elcted to office?
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The leader of France is the president of France, currently François Hollande.(took office May 15, 2012)The president of France also nominally appoints the Prime Minister of France (currently Jean-Marc Ayrault) who is also seen as a leader of France, and is chosen from the elected members of the majority party or coalition.

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