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Yes- the head of a Roman Household was the Father of the House, known in Latin as the Paterfamilias. He was usually the husband and father, though the role could be taken by a grandfather, uncle, older brother or other older relative (or on occasions, a guardian whose position was sanctioned by Roman law). The Paterfamilias had responsibility for the upbringing of children, the family's pastoral and emotional welfare, the practicalities of running the household, and the finances & economy of the home. He was also expected to settle internal family disputes, and to keep an eye on the family's medical welfare. This responsibility extended to any servants or slaves that were employed, and also to any tenants or lodgers.

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the oldest living male in a family.

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Q: Was the paterfamilias or dominant male was the head of the Roman family?
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What is the head of the family in roman society?

The head of a Roman family was the oldest male. He was called the paterfamilia.

What does paterfamilias means?

Paterfamilias is the head of the Roman household which is the father or grandfather. Hope this helps:)

What does the term 'paterfamilias' mean?

The '''''pater familias''''', also written as '''''paterfamilias''''' (plural ''patres familias'') was the head of a Roman family. The term is Latin for "father of the family" or the "owner of the family estate". The form is irregular and archaic in Latin, preserving the old genitive ending in ''-as'' (see Latin declension). The ''pater familias'' was always a Roman citizen.

What was the paterfamilias in ancient Rome?

A pater familias (father of the family) was the head of the family/household. The plural is patres familias.

What is a male head of a family called?

Head of what family? Chickens? Pickels? Be more specific please Patriarch Alpha Cheif And for those mafias- God Father

Who made the decisions in an Elizabethan family?

During the Elizabethan era, the Paterfamilias (father or oldest male) would be the head of the family.

Who is the head of the Roman family?

Which Roman Family; there are many Romans.

Who was head of the roman family?

The oldest male was the head of a Roman family. He was called the "paterfamilia" which means "father of the family.

Indo -european nomads tended to be.?

patriarch/ head of families paterfamilias

What punishment could a paterfamilias give a diobedient son?

A paterfamilias in ancient Rome could punish a disobedient son by disowning him, denying him inheritance rights, or even selling him into slavery. These punishments were meant to maintain the authority of the head of the household and ensure obedience within the family unit.

In family life during roman times who was the head of the family?

the father

Who was paterfamilies?

The Pater Familas was the head of a Roman family. For example: The dad is the head of his household because his children have to obey him.