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Q: Weekend retreats of the president
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Is it please visit george and me this weekend?

Yes, the right grammar is, "Please visit George and me this weekend."

Who was the president with the shortest term of office?

William Henry Harrison Harrison served as president for 32 days. Though technically David Rice Atchison was president for a day. The Constitution says, in the absence of a president or Vice-president, the congress can name a substitute. James Polk ended his term on March 4, 1849 and his successor, Zachary Taylor, did not take the oath until March 5. The vice- president had resigned as president of the senate the previous Friday 3 March and Aitchison was elected by the senate to take his place pro tempore. As president of the senate throughout the weekend he was therefore the legal president until Taylor was sworn in.

What is the president's position within the executive branch?

* President * Vice-president* President * Vice-president* President * Vice-president* President * Vice-president* President * Vice-president* President * Vice-president

Who becomes president if the elected president can not serve?

The vice-president becomes President if the president can not function.

Another title for the president of the US?

To become the President you must be either: * The President-Elect. * The Vice President when the President dies. * The Speaker of the House when the President and Vice President die, * The President Pro Tempore of the Senate when the President, Vice President and Speaker of the House dies. * The Secretary of State when the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House and President Pro Tempore of the Senate dies. * etc.

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What is the name of the weekend home of the president outside Washington dc?

top of Europe

Which U.S. president lived at the little white house in key west Florida for 175 days during his presidency?

Harry Truman went to Key West for his retreats.

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he pampers his dog in joyful pudding while playing in his kitchen throughout the weekend.

When is presidents weekend 2012?

If you are referring to President's day, it falls on February 20th, 2012. This is a Monday.

How many trips did George W. Bush take while president?

During 2 terms as President, Bush spent all or of part of 477 days at Camp David, on retreats and made 77 trips to his Crawford Ranch, in Texas, where he spent all or part of 490 days, on his Ranch. The total number of days of vacation or retreat President Bush took, while in office over a period of 8 years was 967 days, or 32% of his total time in office, was spent on vacations or retreats.

Can the president take the summer away?

yes, Barack Obama once thought about taking away weekend's. Why couldn't the president take away summer!?

What was one of George Washingtons skills as a military leader?

Leading retreats that saved the lives of his men.