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People believed they would go to hell unless they died in a state of grace with the church. The priest had control of forgiving their sins and letting them stay in good standing with the church. Life on earth was so hard that most looked forward to heaven . The priest controlled their prospects for an afterlife.

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A bishop is the most powerful person in a diocese.

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Usually the Bishop of the Diocese has the most influence.

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Q: Were Parish priests the most powerful people in a diocese?
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Were Parish Priest the most powerful people in diocese?

Parish priests hold significant influence in their community and are entrusted with spiritual leadership, but they are not typically considered the most powerful individuals in a diocese. The bishop usually holds the highest authority and decision-making power within a diocese.

What are the powers of the parish priests?

priests do not necessarily have "power" they are there to serve the people who are members of the church

Who were known as powerful people in Jesus' time?

the main people who were powerful back then was: Jesus, Herod, The Romans, Tax Collectors and Priests.

What kind of people were powerful in Jesus time?

Priests, Romans, tax collectors

Why were priests powerful in Mesopotamian society?

Priests were in charge of ministering to the gods, thereby gaining their favor. People thought gods controlled their lives. Combine these ideas, and it was important for the people to please the priests in order to assure prosperity and well being. The priests were so powerful in Mesopotamian society because the people believed that they had a direct contact with God.

What is a parochial calendar?

It is a calendar produced by a parish. It will have the normal dates as on any calendar, but will also have useful information, like times for masses and confessions etc., contact details for the priests and other important people in the parish and it may have details of other things that happen in the parish and who to contact.

What part did parish priests play in government?

They were chosen by local nobles and were expected to tell people to respect the king, nobles, and other government officials.

Why did the Aztecs fear the priests?

The Aztec priests were so powerful because they were the only ones who could make offerings (or sacrifices) to the Gods. It was believed that the priests had contact with the Gods and knew what they wanted, therefore the Aztec people revered their priests and did what they were told to do by them.

Are there any people that still live in Mission San Buenaventura?

They still use it as a parish church, so they priests still live there.

Can a priest be sued for mismanagement of parish funds?

.Catholic AnswerIn the United States, legally, the Bishop owns everything in the diocese. All the land, buildings, convents, churches, schools, etc. are in his name, personally. It is called a corporate sole. Although ultimately the priest is responsible for the parish funds, and he is responsible to the people of his parish for that, ultimately he is responsible to the Bishop of his diocese who actually owns the funds, etc. Of course, ultimately he is responsible to God, but we're just talking legalities here.

What is the difference between a parish church and a Roman Catholic Church?

A Parish is a community of Catholics within a set of geographical boundaries, headed by a Pastor, gathering within a church building, the place of worship. Some parishes are formed on these territorial boundaries while others are formed on the basis of ethnicity or language. A parish belongs to a diocese, headed by a Bishop. A mission is a place of liturgical worship that may be used seasonally and is attached to a local territorial parish. A mission can also be the term used for a personal parish for the care of souls of a specific group who do not have their own place of worship but use those of a territorial parish. Reference: Archdioces of Toronto (see link below)

Why are parish priest important?

Because the parish priest was responsible of the religious instructions and moral spiritual life of pleople, also he gave people 5 of the 7 sacraments(Holy communion, matrimony, baptism and penance).