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Henry Schuyler Thibodeaux a governor of Louisiana, founded and gave his name to Thibodeauxville, the town that eventually became Thibodaux, Louisiana. (The suffix -ville was dropped, yielding Thibodeaux, and eventually the e was also dropped, which is the current spelling. Even so, in South Louisiana today you will find people whose surname is spelled both Thibodeaux and Thibodaux. By the way, both Thibodaux and Thibodeaux are pronounced in the French fashion, "Tib-oh-dough"

"The parish of Thibodaux, Louisiana" is another matter. Louisiana is the only state in the United states that has parishes (sometimes called civil parishes) instead of counties. The parish in which Thibodaux finds itself is Lafourche Parish, which is one of sixty-four parishes in Louisiana. In French, "La fourche" means "the pitchfork", so called because Bayou Lafourche runs down the middle of the parish (which is long and narrow) and on a map Bayou Lafourche looks more or less like a pitchfork.

And also in French, la fourche (the pitchfork) is not to be confused with la fourchette (the little fork, the kind you eat with). As far as is known, there is no parish or Bayou in Louisiana named Lafourchette, after common table forks. On the other hand. it is just barely conceivable that the young ladies' Basketball team at Lafourche High School might be named "Les Fourchettes."

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Q: Who is the parish of Thibodaux Louisiana named after?
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The City of Thibodaux, Louisiana was incorporated in 1838, originally as Thibodeauxville.

City in Louisiana that begin with t?

· Thibodaux, Louisiana

Where is the Concerned Veterans Of Louisiana in Thibodaux Louisiana located?

The address of the Concerned Veterans Of Louisiana is: 159 Coteau Ln, Thibodaux, LA 70301-6098

How did Sabine Parish get its name?

Sabine Parish, Louisiana was named after the Sabine River. The Sabine River is the border between Louisiana and Texas.

What are the origins of the Louisiana parish names?

Some were named for people in the area such as Acadia Parish after the Acadians or Allen Parish named after Henry Watkins Allen who was the Confederate governor of Louisiana. Catahoula Parish is named for Catahoula Lake from a Native American word meaning "big clear lake."

Where is the Edward Douglass White House in Thibodaux Louisiana located?

The address of the Edward Douglass White House is: 2295 Louisiana 1, Thibodaux, LA 70301

Where is the Lafourche Parish Library Utley Memorial Branc in Thibodaux located?

The address of the Lafourche Parish Library Utley Memorial Branc is: 314 St. Mary Street, Thibodaux, 70301 2620

City that begin with the letter T in Louisiana?

Tallulah Thibodaux

How did St John the Baptist Parish in Louisiana get its name?

It was named after St John the Baptist.

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A town named Evangeline in the parish of Acadia in 1901

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Ray price did not write Fallin' Fallin' Fallin', a writer named Joey Guillot wrote it from Thibodaux, Louisiana.

What is the land elevation for Thibodaux Louisiana?

It is 13 feet above sea level.