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Louisiana's official name is Louisiana, there is no other name that it has. The state was named after King Louis XIV which at this time they called La Louisiane which meant Land of Louis.

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Q: What is Louisiana's official name?
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What si Louisianas origin name?

After King Louis XIV (14)

What is Louisianas largest city?

new Orleans is louisianas largest city

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they are farts that make

What is louisianas region?

southeastern us or gulfcoast

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Maw Maw's house

What is louisianas location relative to other states?


What is louisianas state moto?

Union, Justice, Confidence

What is the name of the large river that forms part of louisianas eastern border and flows south through southeastern Louisiana?

i think its the ouachita river!!

What is Louisianas neighboring states?

texas mississippi arkansas

What is the of the river that forms part of louisianas western border?

Sabine River

How do you draw Louisianas flag?

its just like a boot. draw a boot

Is Louisianas state insect the fly?

No Louisiana's state insect is the honey bee