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Yes there are many battles in North Carolina during the Revolutionary war. A few of these are; July 18th, 1775 at Fort Johnson. February 27th, 1776 at Moore's Creek Bridge, and March 20th, 1776 at Cross Creek.

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Q: Were there any battles in North Carolina during the revolution and what were the dates?
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Where in the thirteen Colonies did the Revolutionary War take place?

There were several battles that took place during the American Revolution. These battles often occurred in Boston, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, and in Virginia.

When North Carolina became a state after or before the American revolution?

North Carolina became a state after the american revolution

What role did South Carolina play in the revolutionary war?

Charles Town, South Carolina is one of the oldest settlements of North Carolina. During the American Revolution it was a center of activity of Continental army and was attacked by British forces twice.

What has the author Robert Orley DeMond written?

Robert Orley DeMond has written: 'The loyalists in North Carolina during the Revolution' -- subject(s): Revolution, American loyalists, History

Where were the major battles fought?

Most of the battles of the American Revolution were fought on American soil. The battles took place in eastern north America, from Massachusetts to South Carolina.

Who was Andrew Baker?

Andrew Baker was a captain in the Wilkes County Regimen during the 1780-1781 year. He was part of the American Revolution in North Carolina.

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Who was governor of North Carolina during most of the civil war?

Zebulon Vance served as North Carolina's governor during the Civil War.

What were 3 battles won by the north?

The North won several battles during the Civil War. Three of the battles won were the Battle of Murfreesboro, Battle of Vicksburg, and the Battle of Gettysburg.

Where can you get information about North Carolina ships in the American Revolution?

Try the Early America or American Revolution links to the right.

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What state allowed free blacks to vote in the wake of the American revolution?

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