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The North won several battles during the Civil War. Three of the battles won were the Battle of Murfreesboro, Battle of Vicksburg, and the Battle of Gettysburg.

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Q: What were 3 battles won by the north?
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What were the results of the 3 battles at bunker hill?

colonists won the 2 battles and the British won the third one

How many battles has Babur won?


You dint Win the bettle but you won the war how is this possible?

Just losing one battle is somewhat insignificant to the entire war. Wars consist of multiple battles, so the more battles you win increase your likelihood of winning the war. For example, in The Civil War, the South won at least seven battles, but the North won the war. The North also won more battles.

How many battles were won by the North and South each during the Civil War?

thats a really hard question to answer because many battles probably arent recorded. but since the north won the slave war i am guessing north did.

How many battles did Vietnam win?

The US Armed Forces won 27 battles total whereas the North Vietnamese/Viet Cong won a mere 15 battles throughout the course of the war

How did the north won at Battles of Fort Sumter?

The North didn't win. They evacuated the tiny island-fortress.

Did the North won the Battle of Manassas Junction?

No, the North lost both the battles known as Manassas and also as Bull Run.

How many battles were fought and what were the results of those battles bunker hill?

There were 3 battles fought at Bunker Hill and 2 were won by the colonists and 1 by the British

How many battles were fought and what were the results of those battles in the Battle of Bunker Hill?

3 battles were fought and soon enough the brtish won

Did The confederacy won the first Battle of Bull Run but the union won the battle of Manassas?

Well... The Battles of Mannassas and Bull Run are actually the same battles. The reason for the different names is that the winner usually named the battle. The South named their battles by the Towns near the site of the battle. The North named theirs by means of rivers or other naturally occurring landmarks. There were two battles at this location. One was won by the South and the other by the North. Correction: both were won by the Confederates.

What did Marquis de Lafayette?

He won 20 battles and lost 3

How many battles was George Washington in and how many did he lose?

He actually only won 3 out of the 9 battles he fought.