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September 14, 1901

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Q: Whan did president McKinley die
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Did Vice President Roosevelt shoot President McKinley?

No, Vice President Theodore Roosevelt did not shoot President William McKinley. McKinley was shot by an anarchist named Leon Czolgosz during a public appearance in September 1901. McKinley died a few days later, and Roosevelt succeeded him as President.

The second US President to die at the hand of an assassin was?

William McKinley

What president named mount McKinley?

Probably President McKinley

What did William McKinley do after he was president?

McKinley was killed while he was president. Hopefully he enjoyed an afterlife after he was president.

Who was the president elected in the 1896?

William McKinley

What president's wife was an epileptic?

Ida McKinley , the wife of President William McKinley .

Did William McKinley have a vice president?

Yes. McKinley's vice president is Theodore Roosevelt.

What does McKinley mean?

name of president william mckinley

Who are the children of president McKinley's siblings?

President McKinley had three siblings: David McKinley, James McKinley, and Abner McKinley. As for their children, David McKinley had one daughter named Mary Emma McKinley, James McKinley had two daughters named Belle McKinley and Sallie McKinley, and Abner McKinley had no children.

When did president McKinley serve?

iN 1893 President Mckinley served as President to the United States of America *atl*~ 2009

What vice president became president when McKinley was assassinated?

Vice president Theodore Roosevelt became president upon the death of McKinley.

Who was the first president to use a telephone in (1881)?

William McKinley was the first president to use a telephone. McKinley was the 25th President of the United States after serving as the governor.