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Rick Perry

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Q: What 2012 candidate lost momentum when he could not remember the names of the three federal cabinet departments he would eliminate?
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What is the equation for momentum-avg?

When looking for the equation for momentum-avg always think of math. Always remember that momentum equals Mass times velocity and you will have your answer.

The momentum before a collision of three objects is always greater than the momentum after the collision True or false?

False. According to the law of conservation of momentum, the total momentum of the three objects before the collision must be equal to the total momentum after the collision, assuming no external forces are present.

Why might a candidate choose slogan that rhymes?

It's easier to remember.

Who was the black presidential candidate that was to young to run?

nobody could remember that not even him.

How do you sommon hornswaggle in svr 09?

You need Full Momentum press Rb + A or taunt but i cant remember.

If the truck has a mass of 2000 kilograms what is it and momentum (v35ms)?

Remember Momentum = mass X speed. Hence momentum = 2000 kg X 35 m/s = 70,000 kg m/s

Is possible for a bus and a car to have equal momentum if they are both moving How?

Yes. Just remember that momentum = mass x velocity. So, just let your two vehicles travel in the same direction, and choose appropriate values for mass and speed.

What are the disadvantages of using an organisational chart?

The disadvantages of hierarchies are:The formation of departments can mean that:- Departments work for themselves and not the greater good of the business.- Departments do not see the whole picture in making decisions.Hierarchies can be inflexible and difficult to adjust, especially when businesses need to adapt to changing markets - remember employees do not tend to react well to change.

What high school coarses must you have taken to become a firefighter?

The best thing to do is take some fire science classes at a local college. Also join the junior firefighter program, i don't remember what its called though. For most departments you must have a high school diploma. Some departments are now requiring two years of college before you can be hired. This is for paid departments, but I'm not sure about volunteer departments.

What is the latin word for moment?

It is important to remember how to translate words into different languages. Latin words for moment are quo, tempus, momentum, locus and punctum.

Can you find the examples when the rate of change of momentum reduces?

Ok, we know that momentum is mass*velocity. To create a change we need to either change velocity or mass. This is where elastic and inelastic collision come into place. Rate of momentum changes in both collision cases. To reduce the rate of change of momentum, even though this is a little vague, you'll need to reduce the changes in either mass or velocity. Such that the momentum at point A, for instance, reduces momentum at point B and then C and so forth (by constantly reducing velocity). A live example is gas molecules, they have numerous collisions and the momentum constantly changes by variation in velocities. But remember the momentum of a system is conserved, that's a thing you'd probably need to know too to understand. Hope that helps.

What is the total momentum of cannon and shell before and after firing?

Before firing, the total momentum of the cannon and shell is zero because they are at rest. After firing, the total momentum remains zero due to the conservation of momentum – the cannon recoils in one direction with momentum equal in magnitude but opposite in direction to the shell’s momentum.