Why do people remember?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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So they don't forget.

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Q: Why do people remember?
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When do people remember things better?

People probably remember things better when they have actually been involved in it.

Why do you remember bananarama?

that is a matter of opinion as i remember them by there name but other people may remember them for different reasons

Do people still remember Natalie cole today?

It actually depends on other people like some people might remember it but some not

Did Lincoln think people would remember his speech in the future?

Maybe, but he mostly wanted people to remember him for his beard

What should people remember about sharks?

People should remember to get out of the water calmly and quickly when sharks are seen in their area.

What are people most likely to remember about their lives?

people only remember the bad things and the good things in life

What did Neolithic people do to remember their dead?

Neolithic people would remember their dead by burring them in their houses or making a shrine and burring the there.

Do people remember things better in color or in black and white?

People tend to remember things better in color because it adds more visual detail and realism to the memory. Colorful images are often more vivid and engaging, which can lead to stronger and more accurate recollection compared to black and white images.

Do people still remember Pokemon?

I do!

What is Remembrance Sunday?

A day where people remember everyone that died in World War 1. A day where people remember everyone that died in World War 1. A day where people remember everyone that died in World War 1.

Do goats sniff people do they remember the scent?

yes they can get the smell and remember the person again.

Why do people forget to remember on Remembrance day?

because that day isn't"A Day To Remember"