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Historical buildings should be conserved so people remember their history. If we didn't conserve old buildings, people wouldn't realise how people used to live and they'd think that the glass and steel buildings we live and work in today were all that has ever been.

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Q: Why should you conserve your old history building?
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How old is the capital building of the US?

September 18, 1793 was the groundbreaking ceremony. In September 2009 the Capital Building will be 216 years old.

How old was the youngest president in history?

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What is the oldest public building in America?

Old state house boston

A government word that starts with z?

Ziggarat. Old fashioned government building.

Where has the US Supreme Court has met during its history?

For the most part, the Supreme Court met in various sections of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, before former US President and then-Chief Justice William Howard Taft convinced Congress to appropriate money for construction of its own building.Time Line of Supreme Court LocationsRoyal Exchange Building, Broad & Water Streets, NYC, (1790)Independence Hall, Philadelphia (February 1791)Old City Hall, East Wing, Philadelphia, (August 1791-1800)Small conference room on first floor of Capitol Building, Old North Wing, Washington, DC, (1800-1808)Private homes and taverns (during reconstruction of Capitol Building, North Wing) Washington, (1808-1810)Old Supreme Court Chamber, basement of Capitol Building, North Wing, Washington, (1810-1814) destroyed by fire, 1814Private homes and taverns (1814-1819)Old Supreme Court Chamber, reconstructed, original location (1819-1860)Old Senate Chamber, first floor of Capitol Building, North Wing, Washington, (1860-1935)Supreme Court Building, First Street, Washington, DC, (1935- )

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If there was an old building that was demolished and a new building was built where the old building was then the new building "stands on the site" of the old building.

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Ann Taylor Andrus has written: 'Charleston's Old Exchange Building' -- subject(s): Buildings, structures, Commerce, Historic buildings, History, Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon (Charleston, S.C.)

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When was Old Academy Building created?

Old Academy Building was created in 1815.

When was Old Seminary Building created?

Old Seminary Building was created in 1854.

When was The Old Times Building created?

The Old Times Building was created in 1928.

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