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Q: What Addition to the US Constitution was suggested as a way to win the approval of many of its opponents?
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What addition to the US constitution was suggested as a way to win the approval of many of the opponents?

The Bill of Rights.

What was added to the Constitution in order to get Anti federalists to approve it?

The Bill of Right was added to gain approval of the opponents of the Constitution.

Why was the Bill of Rights a politically necessary addition to the Constitution?

A number of states demanded the Bill of Rights as a condition of their approval of the Constitution.

What is ratification of constitution?

It was approval by the states of the constitution.

What is amendment approval?

Amendment approval refers to the process by which proposed changes or additions to a document, such as a constitution or contract, are reviewed and accepted by the appropriate authority or governing body. It typically involves a formal review and voting process, often requiring a certain percentage of support or consensus among the affected parties for the amendment to be approved and incorporated into the original document.

What was The formal approval of the constitution by the states?


Why were people against the approval of the constitution?


Formal approval for the constitution was called what?

ratification of coarse

In what way is the Constitution more flexible than the Articles of Confederation?

Amendments to the Articles of Confederation required an absolute unanimous approval. In contrast, the Constitution only required a three quarters approval, thus allowing lenience in the approval of amendments.

Following approval at the constitution convention Who was it sent to?

The states for ratification.

Who debated the constitution when it was first sent to the states for approval?


What did it take the make constitution official?

The approval of nine states