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An area in which a certain characteristics is found throughout the area is called formal region.

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Q: What An area in which a certain characteristic is found throughout the area such as a political region?
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What makes a region?

A region is an area that shares more than one characteristic

The sunbelt is what region?

The sunbelt is a formal region. It is an area on which certain characteristic's are found.

What is landform region?

a landform region is a large area of land that has a major characteristic throughout its area.

What is the definition of desert region?

a region with a common characteristic of less than 250 mm of precipitation per year throughout the whole area. ex: Sahara desert

A characteristic of the minoan civilization Was its-?

The Minoan civilization of Crete developed a network of trade throughout the Mediterranean region between 2000 and 1400 B.C.

What is a landscape region?

A landform region is a large area composed of similar natural features (i.e. topography){wrong}TAHNK YOU FOR THE WRONG ANSWER

What do each region has?

Each region has its own unique culture, cuisine, climate, and geography that contribute to its distinctive qualities and characteristics. Additionally, regions often have their specific industries, resources, and historical significance that shape their identity.

What each region has?

a unifying characteristic

What is an area with a unifying characteristic?


What led to the european union?

Absence of economic and political unity for the certain region, and the members all agreed to take away tarrifs.

Which type of region is based on political boundaries?

A region based on political boundaries is a formal region.

Is throughout an adjective?

No, it is not. Throughout is a preposition (throughout the region) or an adverb (scattered throughout).