What is political boss?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A person who holds power over a political region or constituency is a political boss. This person can affect how people vote and who is nominated.

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Q: What is political boss?
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When was Tom Dennison - political boss - born?

Tom Dennison - political boss - was born in 1859.

Who was a political boss in New York city during the 1860s - 1870s who controlled elections and the political process?

"Boss" Tweed

When did Tom Dennison - political boss - die?

Tom Dennison - political boss - died in 1934-02.

Who was know as the political boss?

i was

What did boss tweed do?

he was a political guy

Who was An urban political boss who defended honest graft?

George Washington Plunkitt was an urban political boss who defended "honest graft."

Who was the most famous boss of a political machine?

tammany hall

What is a ward boss?

A ward boss is the leader of the political machine, in a particular area (ward) of the city.

Who ran the political machines?

william "Boss" tweed

What actors and actresses appeared in The Political Boss - 1914?

The cast of The Political Boss - 1914 includes: Carlyle Blackwell as Tom Nash - Newspaper Editor John Francis Dillon as Nonpareil Jones - Printer Raymond Hadley as Owl Jackson - Political Boss James Neill as Judge Moore

Boss tweed was head of tammany hall a notorious example of a political?

political machine

Muckraker is another word for machine boss.?

Actually, a muckraker refers to a journalist or writer who investigates and exposes societal issues, corruption, and scandals to bring about social and political change. A machine boss, on the other hand, was a political boss in charge of a political machine that controlled votes and influenced elections in the past.