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Thomas Nast worked to expose the illegal activities of William "Boss" Tweed.

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Q: What did political cartoonist Thomas Nast work to expose?
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What political cartoonist helped expose the Tweed Ring?

Thomas Nast, the same person who exposed the Tweed Ring.

Who were the Political cartoonist s of 1840-1902?

Thomas Nast

Cartoonist Thomas exposed corruption through political cartoons the word nasty comes from him?

cartoonist thomas nast

What did political cartooonist Thomas Nast work to expose?

Thomas Nast worked to expose the illegal activities of William "Boss" Tweed.

Who is boss tweed's lampooner?

Thomas Nast - Political cartoonist for the New York Times.

Whose corruption did the cartoons of Thomas nast expose?

Thomas Nast

What political cartoonist is credited with first drawing the image of Santa Claus that you still see today?

Thomas Nast

What is subject did Thomas Nast focus on as a muckraker?

Thomas Nast focused on political corruption and social issues as a muckraker. He used his political cartoons to expose and criticize these issues, especially during the Gilded Age in America.

What did thomas nast do to expose problems in America?

He drew editorial/political cartoons that highlighted the problems to the public.

Where did Thomas Nast live?

Thomas Nast, the political cartoonist, lived in New York City muchh of the time. He was born in Germany and spent some time in Europe as an adult. he is buried in Brooklyn, NY.

Who was the 19th Century Harper's Weekly Cartoonist?

Thomas Nast

Why is the donkey a American symbol?

It's the American political symbol, for the Democratic party I think...They did not pick it, a cartoonist named Thomas Nast did.