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It was either the Proclamation of 1763, or the Intolerable Acts.

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Q: What British action caused the first violence in the growing conflict between Britain and America?
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What was the relationship between Britain and British North America?

The relationship between Britain and British North America was mostly strained. British North America was bitter about the taxes it had to pay to Britain.

What was Britain doing to American ships and crews that lead to conflict with America in the war of 1812?

The British Royal Navy were stopping American ships and taking sailors to be on the British crews.

Is Emma Watson from America or Britain?

She is British.

Why were the America and british fighting?

America wanted independence, Britain wanted America and its taxes

What geographically separated Great Britain from 13 British Colonies?

The Atlantic Ocean separates Great Britain from America and the thirteen British colonies

How were British and Citizens affected when Great Britain took control of Canada?

Conflict erupted between British immigrants and French Canadians.

What country is more powerful America or the british?

The military might of the US is superior to that of Britain.

Which group decided to continue boycotting British goods and prepare a militia in case violence broke out with Britain?

the homosexuals

What were Britain's interests in the Middle East and how did this conflict with the Ottoman Empire?

Britain neeeded resources and the Ottomann empire thought the British were treading on their land.

What was favorable to Britain in the treaty of Paris?

America paid their debts to the British

Who was the war of 1812?

The War of 1812, between the United States of America and the British Empire (particularly Great Britain and British North America

Why did the proclamation of 1763 anger the colinists?

The victory of 1763 made the British own nearly all of France's and North America's empire. That same year, Britain issued a proclamation that prohibited colonists from moving west to the Appalachian Mountains. By doing this, it stopped western settlement which allowed Britain officials to control settler movement and avoid a conflict with South America. Britain also kept the colonists under watch with 10,000 British troops in America. many of the colonist didn't have more land