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Q: What British colony is located on a peninsula in southern Spain?
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Which British colony is on the southern tip of the iberian peninsula?


What is the British crown colony called the key of the Mediterranean?

That is Gibraltar, on the southern tip of the Spanish peninsula.

What British colony is located on a penninsula in southern Spain?


Which island nation which was once a british colony and part of Malaysia is located off the tip of the Malay peninsula?


Gibraltar is the capital of what country?

To put it simply, Gibraltar is the capital of Gibraltar. However, the non-capital Gibraltar is actually not a country, but a peninsula located at the southern edge of Spain. It's a self-governing British colony.

Where is the Iberian Peninsula?

The Iberian Peninsula is located on the Southwestern tip of the European Continent. The Iberian Peninsula includes the countries of Portugal, Andorra, Spain, and the British Crown colony Gibraltar. It is only 5 miles from the continent of Africa.

Where was the Virginia colony?

the Virginia colony was located in the southern colonies

Which colony was located in the southern region of the U.S.?

Georgia was the southern most colony of the original 13.

Where was south carolinas colony located?

in the southern

Where is the Maryland colony located?

Maryland colony is located in the southern colonies. Maryland is surrounded by Delaware and Virginia.

On the west coast of what is Portugal located?

Portugal is located along the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal shares the Iberian Peninsula with its next-door neighbor, Spain, and with the British colony of Gibraltar, the Principality of Andorra, and a small part of France. The Iberian Peninsula is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and by the Mediterranean Sea.

What colony was located in the southern region of the US?


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