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Migel Hidalgo y Costilla

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Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

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Padre Miguel

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Q: What Catholic priest had the war cry Grito de Delores and fought in the Mexican Civil War?
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How did Catholic missionaries push for Mexican Independence?

Catholic missionaries didn't participate during the revolution. It was Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo (1753 - 1811) the single priest who started the revolt that eventually became the Mexican War of Independence (1810 - 1821) against Spain. Hidalgo however, was captured, excommunicated and executed just one year after he started the struggle for independence.

Who was the first person to call for Mexican Independence when he rang the bell?

Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo (1753-1811) qualifies as such.

What is 16 de septiembre?

The 16th of September. Is also known as the Mexican Independence day. A parish priest rang bells in the city of Delores and called his followers to revolt against Spanish rule. It's similar to America's Independence Day.

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