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athens athens

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Q: What City in Attica named for a goddess?
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City in Attica named for a goddess?

In Attica, the city named after a goddess is Athens.

Which City in attica named for goddess?

The city in Attica named after the goddess Athena is Athens. It is the capital of Greece and is known for its rich history and ancient monuments dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration.

What is the phone number of the Attica City Library in Attica?

The phone number of the Attica City Library is: 620-254-7767.

Which goddess is named after a city or state?


Was there a roman general called Attica?

NO. Attica was a region of Greece. The main city state of Attica was Athens.

What was one quote of Athena the Greek goddess?

"Whether the goddess was named after the city or the city after the goddess is an ancient dispute" (Burkert 1985:139)

Which city was Athena the patron goddess of?

Athens was the city Athena is patron for. It was named after her.

Was there ever really a goddess named Athena?

Yes There Was ! Why do you think the city was named Athens ?

What distinction do Attica the country and Attica the state prison and the place Attica in the Book of mormon share?

There is no country named Attica. Attica State Prison is in Attica, New York. The word Attica is never used in the Book of Mormon. Seeing as two of these do not exist and one does, they don't really have any distinction or similarity.

What is the name of the Greek City named after the goddess of wisdom?


Who was thee city of anthens named after?

The goddess Pallas Athena

What European city is named for the goddess Athena?