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Q: What US President has not spoken English as his first language?
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Where is English spoken as a first language in Europe?

English is spoken as a first language in the United Kingdom and Ireland within Europe. It is also an official language in Malta and Gibraltar.

What is the first offical language of Ireland what language is most commonly spoken?

Irish is the first official language of Ireland and English is the second one. English is the more commonly spoken language.

When and where was the English first spoken?

The English language developed from a variety of dialects spoken by Germanic tribes who migrated to England around the 5th century. Old English, the earliest form of the language, was spoken in what is now England and southern Scotland.

What is the first most spoken language in the world now?

The most spoken language in the world is Mandarin Chinese, spoken by over a billion people as their first language.

What is the first most popular most spoken language?


What is the main language spoken in London?

The official language of the UK (which includes London) is English and the majority of the people have English as their first language. However, London is a cosmopolitan city with a huge immigrant population, so many of the world's languages can be heard there. The language spoken in London is English.

Which is the first language people spoken?

Its probably Hebrew or Arabic and if you want to speak English learn how to spell it. Your q should have been what was the first language spoken

What was President Obama first language?


What is first language spoken in the us?

If you are asking what the most commonly spoken first language is in U.S. homes, it's English. If you are asking what the first language spoken in North America was, no one knows, because the first Americans didn't have a writing system.

Is English spoken as a first language in Samoa or is it entirely learned in school?

We learn to speak English.

What is the most widely spoken first language?

Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken first language in the world, with over a billion native speakers.

What is the first most common language spoken in Alaska?

Yupik, a Native American language, is the second-most spoken language in Alaska. But most just speak English