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Abraham Lincoln was the postmaster of New Salem Illinois from 1833-1836.

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Q: What US President was a postmaster for a while in New Salem Illinois?
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Did Illinois become a state while Benjamin Franklin was president of the US?

Benjamin Franklin was not a president.

When did Thomas Lincoln move his family to Illinois?

Abraham Lincoln moved to New Salem, Illinois when he was 21, in 1832, and remained in Illinois until he was inaugurated President, in 1861. Approximately 29 years.

In what state was Abraham Lincoln born and where was he living when he was elected President?

He was born in Kentucky. He lived in Illinois, when he was elected President. Abraham Lincoln, moved to Cole County, Illinois in 1831, when he was 22, and remained in Illinois, until he was inaugurated President of the United States, in March, 1861, and he moved to Washington DC. All of his previous experience as a politician, occurred in the state of Illinois, or while he was living in Illinois.

What was Abraham Lincoln's military rank?

He was a captain in the Illinois militia. And while President, he was Commander in Chief.

Did Lincoln ever live in Ottawa IL?

No. He didn't. He was born in Kentucky, but later moved to Iowa, and then to Illinois. He lived in New Salem for a short time, then moved to Springfield Illinois. He considered Springfield his home; the only house Lincoln ever owned is in Springfield Illinois. Besides, if you think of it, Lincoln, Illinois had to be named AFTER Lincoln became president, therefore he could not have lived there as he died while living in the White House. Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Both on Good Friday 1865, in Ford Theater, while watching the play Our American Cousins. He died the next day. Rest In Peace Abraham Lincoln.

What US Presidents were elected from Illinois?

Lincoln was living in Illinois when he was elected. Grant was living in Illinois when he got a commission in the Union army and had a house in Galena. He was a hero in the war and did not spend much time in Illinois between the time the war was over and his nomination as President, but one might say that he was elected from Illinois. Of course, our current President was a Illinois resident when he was elected President. Ronald Reagan, who was born in Illinois, left Illinois when he was young man, is the only other President with Illinois ties.

Who are the three US presidents from the state of Illinois?

If by "from" you mean born is Illinois, the just Ronald Reagan is the one. If by "from" you mean that adopted Illinois as his home state, then we can say that they are Lincoln-born in Kentucky, Barak Obama-born in Hawaii and of course Reagan. One might also add Grant, who owned a house in Illinois during the Civil War. He became famous while he had an address in Illinois even if he was not at home very much.

Where did lincoln live before his election to the presidency?

President Lincoln spent a lot of time in Springfield, Illinois, which is where he had studied law and lived for a while; in fact, his family home is today a national historical site.

Where did Abraham Lincoln live when he was elected president 1860?

He was killed while still in office, so didn't live anywhere after the whitehouse.

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There never was witchcraft in Salem. It was all superstition that lead to the killings of innocent people.

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he lied about being alone with abigail while in salem

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