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Thomas Jefferson was a founding father and the third president of the USA. He was also an accomplished scientist in addition to being the president.

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Q: What US President was a scientist?
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In 1939 who wrote a letter to President Roosevelt alerting him to a new and important source of energy developed by scientist in the US?

Albert Einstein


The front of the US $100 bill shows a picture of Benjamin Franklin. He was a Founding Father, scientist, philosopher, diplomat, and essayist but never served as President.

Which president was on the 100 dollar bill?

The last US $100 bills featuring a US president were printed in the 1878 series and carried a portrait of James Monroe. Since 1914, US $100 bills have had a portrait of Benjamin Franklin. He was of course a statesman, philosopher, inventor, ambassador, scientist, and Founding Father but never served as president.

Who was the first scientist president of India?

Abdul kalam

Who challenged Scientist to send a person to the Moon?

president Kennedy

Which Indian scientist became the president of India?

Dr.A.p.j.Abdul Kalam

Who was the scientist who gave us the law of motion?

Sir Isaac Newton was the scientist who gave us the law of motion.

Who is the commander of the national arm forces?

President of the US.

Who are some famous Israeli scientists?

one famous israeli scientist is Chaim Weizmannwho is a biochemist,, a scientist and the first president of israel

Who is the Vice-President of the US and President of the US Senate?

Joe Biden is Vice-President of the US and therefore President of the US Senate.

Which dollar amount US bill doesn't have a president on it?

That would be the $10 bill, featuring Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the Treasury, and the $100 with Benjamin Franklin (scientist, inventor, statesman).

Has a President of the US of A become a Vice President of the US of A?