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Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

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புவனேஸ்வரி சுந்தரராஜ...

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names of the scientists become the statesmen
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Q: What president was also a scientist?
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What US President was a scientist?

Thomas Jefferson was a founding father and the third president of the USA. He was also an accomplished scientist in addition to being the president.

Invention and history of apdul kalam?

Apldul kalam was an Indian scientist and administrator. He was also the 11th President of India.

Did Thomas Jefferson have a job before becoming president?

Jefferson was a farmer, a lawyer and a scientist in private life. He also had a long and leading career as a public servant before he was President.

Who was the first scientist president of India?

Abdul kalam

Who challenged Scientist to send a person to the Moon?

president Kennedy

Which Indian scientist became the president of India?

Dr.A.p.j.Abdul Kalam

Who are some famous Israeli scientists?

one famous israeli scientist is Chaim Weizmannwho is a biochemist,, a scientist and the first president of israel

Scientist who informed President Roosevelt of the potential of a nuclear bomb?

Albert Einstein.

What famous scientist is featured in President Barack Obama's new book?

Eli Whitney

Which scientist stressed to President Roosevelt atomic bombs?

j.robert oppenheimer

What is the name of the president whose picture is on 100.00?

The U.S. $100 bill has a picture of Benjamin Franklin, who was an accomplished scientist, inventor, and statesman, but he was NOT president.

Who was Benjamin Francklin?

Benjamin Franklin was a founding father. He was a writter, inventor, and political activist. He was also the only man to have his face on U.S. currency that was not a president.